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Private Collections

Private Collections
The Private Collections contain documents, manuscripts, photographs and archives of eminent personalities of Mauritius. Those personalities, as witnessed by their collection, have in their specific field, marked the political, social and historical development of Mauritius and the National Library has become the custodian of these private collections. Some of the private collections held by the National Library are as follows :
  • Abhimanyu Unnuth
  • Chit Dukhira
  • Dr. James Burty David
  • Harold Walter
  •  Jauffret Solange
  • Jean Fanchette
  •  Joseph Tsang Mang Kin
  •  Loys Masson
  •  P. Rivet
  •  Raymond Chalse
  •  Serge Labrasse
  •  Sir Harilall Vaghjee
  •  Sir Satcam Boolell
  •  Sir Virgil Naz
  •  Sita Ramyead
  •  Somduth Bhuckory


  Memorable Photographs Cherished at the National Library
                                                  Visit of Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip to Mauritius 1972



                                                                      Inside View of Curepipe Market



                                                                           Street Scene: Peanut Seller


                                                         150th Anniversary of Port-Louis Theatre 1822-1972