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Window of Shanghai Collection

Window of Shanghai Collection
The National Library 'Window of Shanghai' Collection was kindly donated by the Shanghai Public Library. The "Window of Shanghai", an integral part of 'China Book International' Project (CBI), is initiated by Shanghai Library and aims to introduce Chinese history and culture to overseas readers, promote the Chinese civilizations, and publicize new progresses of the reform and opening-up, by means of donating books to foreign libraries and related institutes.
The National Library ‘Window of Shanghai’ Collection comprises of some 1,800 books (as at August 2013) in Chinese, English and French.   The subjects range from arts, economy, people, philosophy, literature, culture, folk traditions and history to nature, cookery, traditional Chinese medicine and architecture, of ancient and contemporary Shanghai and China. These books are housed in the Search Room of the National Library.

                                                                     Window on Shanghai Collection