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Services to the Public

Services to the Public
Reference/Enquiry Service
The National Library offers a spacious and air-conditioned environment for reference and research. Request for information can be made either in person or by telephone, facsimile, mail or e-mail.

                          Search Room of the National Library
Reprographic Service
Photocopies of extracts from books, periodicals, newspapers can be made on request, subject to the provisions of the Copyright Act 1997.
Photocopying fees are as follows:
A4           Rs. 2.00 per page
A3           Rs. 3.00 per page​
Coloured printing Rs. 25 per page
Black and white printing Rs 2 per page
Certification/authentification of photocopy of a document Rs 25.00 per page
Free Internet Service
The National Library offers free Internet access for academic and research purposes. The National Library has recently upgraded the speed of Internet connection in the Search Room so as to provide a more effective Internet service to its clients.
OPAC : Online Public Access Catalogue
The Online Public Access Catalogue of the National Library allows customers to search our bibliographical database from any location on a 24/7 basis. The total number of documents in the OPAC system as at August 2013 amounted to 59,705.
Press Cuttings
The National Library maintains a collection of  press cuttings on subjects of interest to the Republic of Mauritius, such as, economy, health, media, indian immigration, slavery, gender, culture, tourism, villages and sites, history, Chagos, etc.
Indexing and Abstracting Services
At the National Library, journal articles are indexed and abstracts prepared on a regular basis so as to save the time of information seekers by enabling them to retrieve specific information in the shortest possible delay. Indexing and abstracting services are available on our OPAC.
 Mediatheque/Multi Media Library
The Audio Visual section has been converted into the Mediatheque Nationale (Multi Media Library), the launching ceremony was held on 21st June 2018 by the Hon Prithivirajsing Roopun, Minister of Arts and Culture.  The Mediatheque is unique in itself and hold a collection of more than five thousand sound and video recordings of local artists.  The aim of this Multi Media Library is to preserve the non prints materials for posterity and national heritage.  It is also well-equipped with TV, CD Players and other accessories for listening and visioning the recordings.  The public can have access to a wide variety of locally produced sound and video recordings free of charge.  All you need to bring along with you is your National Identity Card which you will need to present at the Reception Counter and the staff will kindly assist you.
There is a variety of collection of recordings of the Mauritian legendary artists as Ti-Frere, Sona Noyan, Gowry brothers and Serge Lebrasse etc.  It also have a vast collection of the Mauritian folklore : Bhojpuri, Sega, Tamil, Marathi, Telegu, Qawali and Chinese songs.  Plays from Dev Virasawmy, Komiko and others are at the disposal of the public.