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Digital collections

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Avian flu Avian Influenza Contingency Plan: Mauritius
Insurance Sector The Insurance sector in Mauritius by Dimitri Vittas
Migration Options for Migration Policies in the Long Term Development of Mauritius
Pensions Funds The Role of Occupational Pensions Funds in Mauritius by Dimitri Vittas
Investment Policy Investment Policy Review Mauritius
Freeport Freeport Development: the Mauritius Experience
Social Insurance System Social Security Mauritius
Social Security Benefits in Mauritius by Ramesh Gopee
Non-contributory Social Security in the Design of Social Protection Strategies for Older People in DCs by Roddy McKinnon and Roland Sigg
Social Security in a long life society
Agriculture - Approaches to impact evaluation (assessment) in agricultural information management by Margot Bellemy
Conservation - Development of a Management Plan for the Conservation and Preservation of offshore islets for the Republic of Mauritius:
Finance - Mauritius Financial Stability Assessment..... 2003 IMF Report
Annual Reports: Ministry of Agro Industry & Fisheries
Education - Ending the rat race in primary education and breaking the bottleneck at secondary level
Biotechnology in Mauritius: Current Status and Constraints by Puchooa, Daneswar (2004):
Budget Budget Speech 2009 by Sithanen, Rama Krishna
Import Demand Elasticities for Mauritius and South Africa:Evidence from Two Recent Cointegration Techniques by Narayan Seema and Narayan Paresh Kumar
Gender and Other Factors Impacting on Mathematics Achievement in Secondary Level in Mauritius [Thesis] by Bessoondyal, Hemant (2005)
The Case of Mauritius: A simplified and accelerated example of how modern transport systems develop by Enoch, Marcus P
Still standing: the maintenance of a white elite in Mauritius by Salverda, Tijo